Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland

We care for children.

Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland is the only independent children’s hospital in Northern California. There are no obstetrical or adult cancer patients and it does not share the operating rooms with adult patients. That is why our staff can focus all of our attention on caring for children.

Children's Hospital Oakland, the oldest pediatric medical center between Los Angeles and Seattle, has provided exceptional medical care for children in the region and beyond for 94 years.

Our care is only growing.

In 1912, Mabel Weed and Bertha Wright, a nurse, founded Children’s Hospital, then called the “Baby Hospital.” Its first home was the stable of the old McElrath mansion. Today, with 181 licensed beds, Children’s Hospital’s medical center offers outstanding patient care, and also supports nationally recognized pediatric teaching and research. Children’s Hospital has expanded its role over the years. From modest beginnings, it has become a regional pediatric medical center with specialized staff and facilities able to treat rare illnesses and health problems.

We offer specialized services for children because helping children is our passion.

Because full-service hospitals just for children are extremely specialized, few communities can support one. Children’s is proud to be one of only 45 freestanding children’s hospitals in the nation, not connected to a university or other institution. Like the others, Children’s Hospital Oakland recognizes that children’s medical needs are vastly different from those of adults. That’s why Children’s Hospital designs its healthcare especially for children. As the only independent children’s hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area, we give kids our undivided attention.

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