The Family Fund

The day you learn that your child will require neurosurgery can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. The support of family, friends, religious groups and our office staff may not be enough to bridge some of the everyday gaps experienced during this difficult time.

When a child and their family comes to Children’s Hospital for neurosurgery, it is often the result of a diagnosis that requires immediate treatment. Families often arrive at the hospital on a Medivac helicopter or ambulance, sometimes with only the clothes on their back and little money in their pockets. They find themselves at the hospital without supplies they need, such as toiletries, alarm clocks, and other items. They have no cooking facilities and eat out most of the time. They can also spend months traveling back and forth for treatment, often setting up temporary living situations near the hospital. At the same time, they are juggling work, finances, and the needs of other family members.


The Children’s Neurosurgical Family Fund is a private non-profit foundation that provides timely assistance to the patients and families who come to our practice and to Children’s Hospital. The fund can assist with little things that turn out to be essential. We can provide lodging and gift certificates to certain nearby restaurants, supermarkets, drug stores and clothing stores. Sometimes the fund can help offset certain transportation costs.

The seed money for the fund was, in part, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, parents whose child underwent brain tumor surgery with Dr. Sun. The first fund raiser was organized by Debra Hannah, as a salsa music event at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland. It was called " An Evening at the Oasis."  The beautiful poster for the event is seen here on the left. You can make a donation online to support the Family Fund.

If the life of a family member has been changed by Dr. Sun and his staff, you can help.
If you believe in the work of the Children’s Neurosurgery Associates, you can help.
If you have a business that can provide gift certificates, toiletries, clothing or food, you can help.